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Did I go to Japan to learn Traditional Usui Reiki?

Someone called me the other day, asking me if I had gone to Japan. It is actually Japan who came to me many times and in many ways.

The first time Japan came to me was when David King, one of my Reiki Master/Teacher went to Japan in September 1995. Having attended Toshitaka Mochizuki’s classes and experiencing and observing attunements many times, David King brought me information on how Usui Reiki is practiced in Japan. If you want to see all that, check out my book Reiki, Volume I. Once published, I had my book delivered to Toshitaka Mochizuki who validated its accuracy.

The second time Japan came to me was in September 1999. I was taking a weekend course with Frank Arjava Petter who lived in Japan for more than 12 years and learned and taught Usui Reiki there, and also taught it here while on a tour in the USA.

The third time Japan came to me was in 2000. Following Frank Arjava Petter’s recommendations, I had the honour and privilege to connect with a Japanese Scholar in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As well as translating the Reiki books I had ordered from Japan, the Japanese Scholar taught me the Japanese culture, making sense of the Japanese Usui Reiki rituals.

Recently, Japan came to me again. If you want to read about all this, you may check it out in my second book, Volume II.

Thank you for reading me.

Love and Light,

​Anny Slegten

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